Welcome to Willie’s Custom Rustic Wood Art

Are you the type of person who is different? Enjoys uniqueness? Are you the type of person who likes having a one-of-a-kind creation? Do you appreciate natural wood tones and colors that mesh with rustic as well as modern décor? Do you love simplicity in design woven with natural random patterns? We do too.

We believe in making beautiful products from natural materials.

We believe in design that complements not only the furnishings in your home, but you.

We believe in pieces that enhance the rest of your furnishings but significantly stand out.

We believe in pieces that individuals don’t just complement when observed, but are amazed at their natural beauty and uniqueness.

We believe in involving our clients in the creation process, hearing their vision, and putting that vision to work, so they become part of the creative process.

This is what we believe in. If you believe in this too, welcome to Willie’s Wood Art.

We make custom rustic headboards and wall hangings.  We make a full range of product for single, full, queen and king sized beds.  Located in the Great State of Texas, we supply the Houston Metro and surrounding area.  These headboards are created with new and reclaimed wood and come with the necessary mounting hardware to attach to your existing metal bed frame.  They can be mounted or hung to the wall behind a bed or positioned on a wall as an accent piece in any room.  Some of our clients prefer to order units without legs and hang them as artwork.

These headboards are one of a kind artistic creations.  No two are exactly alike.  Wood variations in size, grain, color, age, and various surface imperfections add a distinct unique look to every piece of wood and every creation.

Our products are mostly built to order but can be purchased from our existing stock if you see something you like.

Creation of a custom product takes on average between one to two weeks depending on current workload.

We currently to do not ship our product due to size and weight but units can be picked up at our location.